About Us

Arca Nastri was founded in 1976 by the brothers Arillotta and Casile:
hence the name ArCa.

The three founders, based on the experience gained in a Milanese company, opened the first headquarters of ARCA in Monte Cremasco, which specialised in the rubber moulding of technical articles.

In 1983, the company moved to Castelleone, the current headquarters, and began to specialise in rubber conveyor belts and assistance services.

Over the next 40 years, the company evolved until arriving to the present day, when it takes a new internal and external direction.

Since 2015, Arca has been undergoing a process of reorganisation and relaunch, primarily internally.

The 4 current partners have diversified their positions and roles in a definite manner according to the natural inclinations of each. The result has been a new stimulus for the company, and for all employees.

Hence, the decision to abandon the old logo, full of forty years of history, but that no longer fully represented the full potential of a company that has been able to keep up with the technologies and expectations of the market.

1976 - 2010


2010 - 2018




From today, therefore,
Arca takes on a new role and becomes a real “group” consisting of three divisions characterised by great expertise. Each division has been specifically set-up and dedicated to meet the different needs of customers.

Arca Rubber Conveyor Belts,
a division specialising in the servicing, installation and supply of rubber belts.
Arca Belts & Componenets,
a division specialising in synthetic and modular belts.
Arca Mechanical for Conveyors,
which offers maintenance and mechanical services for belt conveyors.

But we won’t stop here!

Our intention is to grow further to become the reference point for our customers,
offering an all-round advice in the world of conveyor belts.